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One area of structural concern that we have encountered on numerous metal buildings is the lack of adequate lateral bracing for purlins and girts for the effects of negative wind pressures and heavy snow loads.  If no purlin bridging or girt bracing is indicated on the manufacturer's drawings, it would be prudent to have someone check to determine if bracing is required.

        It should also be noted that metal buildings are designed to the minimum requirements of the code.  Any variations in loading above the code requirements can result in very undesirable consequences.  When Hurricane Andrew hit Homestead Air Force base in South Florida, considerable damage was done to many structures but only one type of structure had a 100% failure rate - Metal Buildings.  After Hurricane Iniki hit Hawaii in 1992, the StrucEngineers Association of Hawaii concluded:  "Pre-engineered metal buildings appeared to have proportionally more damage than other types of engineered structures".

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