Another area to consider is actual insulation R-values compared to advertised R-values.  The draped blanket insulation normally used in metal buildings is compressed over the supports resulting in a parabolic cross section.  The actual R-values provided may be 25 to 40 percent less than the advertised R-value.  This will result in cold spots at the purlins, and in high humidity applications, condensation could form on the bottom of the purlins.  In these situations, thermal blocks and insulation support bands can be specified to reduce the cold spots but, only at an extra cost to the owner.

There is a place in the construction world for pre-engineered metal buildings, but they are not the best choice for many projects and building owners need to be made aware of their shortcomings.  If you have any projects where metal buildings are an option, we recommend you consider all the loading conditions and allowable deflections before making a decision on building type.

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