Academic Facilities

Structural design for  Elementary, Middle and High schools.

Licking Valley High School - Hanover, Ohio    Picture 1  Picture 2

Licking Valley Elementary School, Hanover, Ohio

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Northwest Elementary & High Schools - McDermott, Ohio

Washington/Jefferson Elementary Addition - Parkersburg, W.Va.

Franklin Elementary Addition - Parkersburg, W.Va.

Valley Elementary & High Schools - Lucasville, Ohio

Ripley Elementary & Jr.-Sr. High Schools - Ripley, Ohio

East Knox Elementary & High Schools - Knox County, Ohio

Raceland High School - Raceland, Ky.

Washington Local Elem. & High Schools  - West Portsmouth, Ohio

Nelsonville, Ohio

Eeman & Blinn has been the Structural Engineer for many academic facilities  throughout Ohio and surrounding states. 

Dawson-Bryant High School - Coal Grove, Ohio   Pic -1

Felicity Elementary School - Felicity, Ohio

Lick Middle School Addition - Jackson, Ohio

Eastern Local Elementary & High Schools - Meigs Co., Ohio

Deering Elementary School Additions  - Coal Grove, Ohio

Chesapeake Elementary School-- Pic-1 Pic-2 Pic-3 Pic-4 

St. Frances of DeSales Elementary School --  Newark, Ohio  Pic-1

Heath High School - Heath, Ohio

Lincoln, Roosevelt, & Wilson Jr. High School Additions - Newark, Ohio

Chesapeake Middle School - Chesapeake, Ohio

Chesapeake High School Addition - Chesapeake, Ohio

Nelsonville - York City Schools Addition - Nelsonville, Ohio

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