Gunnar Eeman and Raymond Blinn formed the present firm of Eeman and Blinn, Inc. in August 1979. Mr. Eeman was formerly a founder of Fling and Eeman in 1959. He retired from engineering in 1989.
        Mr. Blinn received a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 1970. He also has taken  additional graduate courses in Structural Engineering. Mr. Blinn has Professional Engineering licenses in
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida,  Michigan, Indiana, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Kentucky, and West Virginia. He was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Ohio Society of Professional Engineers for achieving the highest grade in the State on the Structural Engineering Examination. During his professional career, he was worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, R. S. Fling & Partners, and Lantz, Jones & Nebraska. Mr. Blinn is a professional member of American Concrete Institute and American Institute of Steel Construction. Mr. Blinn was Chairman of the Delaware County Board of Building Appeals.


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Raymond Blinn

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